Watch A School Bus Drive Right Through Wet Concrete With Kids On Board

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Screenshot: Tri-State Weather via Facebook

I’m not here to say driving a school bus is easy by any means – it certainly isn’t. Being a school bus driver in one of the busier suburbs of Detroit, MI while riddled with potholes and divots at every corner (ready to swallow your vehicle and/or axle whole) is likely even harder. That being said, a school bus driver has some tough choices to make on the road… one of them should likely be avoiding driving through construction zones and wet concrete.

Unfortunately for some kids in Southfield, Michigan, a school bus driver didn’t heed that direction. This Southfield Public Schools bus driver took the bus and the children onboard directly through some very-not-dry concrete and just kept on his merry way.

In the video shared to Facebook, you can see the bus first drive through one patch of wet concrete – its rear axle popping up as it hit the dry section. But, what’s it gonna do? Turn around? It can’t. It must keep forging a path forward. And by forward, I mean drive directly into another patch of wet concrete – which was now the bus driver’s only way to get out of the construction area — all of this happening in front of clearly upset construction workers.

The video pans back around to show the destruction. Newly poured concrete is ruined – huge tire tracks everywhere. One worker even slams his shovel down in dismay. I don’t blame him.

There appears to be a gap that the bus driver may have mistaken as an ok entrance. Maybe.

It’s hard to say how much of a warning the driver had about the wet concrete, but if you watch closely toward the end of the video, you can see there’s a little spot between the blocked road and the cement truck, where that FedEx truck sits (and later turns around), that could be mistaken as a through-way. But you also gotta assume the fact there were construction workers absolutely everywhere would have clued them in to this maybe not being the best road to take.

As you might have imagined, people in the Facebook comments are split on who is really to blame here.

Whose fault do y’all think it is? Drop a line in the comments because I am genuinely curious.

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