Traffic Jams: Slothrust ft. Lzzy Hale – ‘The Next Curse’

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If you haven’t been listening to Slothrust, you’ve been missing out. I was introduced to the Boston-based three-piece during my college years, with the release of Everyone Else, but they just keep getting better with every album. Last year, however, they upped their game: They brought in my biggest high school crush as a featured artist.

Slothrust (sloth-rust, not slo-thrust) is known as much for deep, heavy instrumentation as dreamy, almost ambient tracks. There’s something for everyone in their discography, up to and including “fans of artists that are not Slothrust.” Sorry, Marcy Playground, but “Sex and Candy” is a Slothrust track now.

Leah Wellbaum has one of the best voices in the business right now, and the wailing guitar to match. It seems only Lzzy Hale could hold up as a featured artist, and she does so with aplomb on “The Next Curse.” Give it a listen, and tell me it isn’t one of the best tracks of the past couple years.

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