Here Are Your Picks For The Worst European Cars Of All Time

A photo of a red Jaguar XJ12 parked in a field.

Photo: Jaguar

“1984 Jag XJ12 – my neighbor growing up bought one new. I remember it being towed out of his garage about once every other month for the first year and a half he owned it. Many, many dealer repairs. The final straw for him was when the gas tank rusted out at 18 months old. The gas leaked out onto the sidewalk and the fire department came while he was at work. It went away after that and was replaced by a new BMW 5er.

“At the same time, my other neighbor had a then-new (1984?) Alfa Romeo GTV6. It was beautiful and sounded great, and it too was usually broken. I remember the A/C compressor loudly and publicly committed suicide the first month he had it, in a Philly August summer. It was gone at the dealership for 5 weeks. After that, the outside trim fell off, and the power windows stopped working, it developed a hard start problem when hot, and the gauges would intermittently do their own thing, not connected to reality. His garage was open to the street so I knew when the hood was up, and he had a serious art with curse words. That car was gone in about 18 months too.

“The ‘77 Rabbit we bought new was a miserable turd, with exhaust valve problems and myriad electrical issues from brand new. And without A/C the puke brown basket weave cheap vinyl seats would sear the vinyl pattern directly and painfully into your thighs after sitting in the hot summer sun beach parking lot. It’s a mistake you’d only make once a year, on that first family beach trip.”

Three good suggestions of three awful European cars. It’s pretty unlucky to end up surrounding yourself with three hunks of junks, but we feel for you.

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