What’s The Worst Car To Come Out Of Europe?

A photo of a red Lancia Beta coupe parked in front of a castle.

What will age better, this Lancia Beta or the ancient castle in the background?
Photo: Lancia

When you walk past the parking lot of a five-star hotel or peek into the garage at a luxurious apartment building, you can be pretty safe in the assumption that most of the cars there will be from Europe. There’ll be swanky sedans from Mercedes, exotic supercars from Lamborghini, and luxury off-roaders from the likes of Range Rover. Clearly, carmakers on the continent have built a reputation for creating super-desirable cars.

But, the continent comprised of 44 different countries can’t have just hits in its automotive past. Surely, there have been some stinkers over the years? I’m looking at you, British Leyland.

And this got us thinking. Really, what is the worst car to have come out of Europe over the years?

As with anything in Europe, there’s a lot of history to comb through here, as the first ever car was designed and built by Karl Benz in Germany all the way back in 1885. So, you’ve got 137 years worth of automotive history to comb through for your picks.

But there are always a few obvious choices when you’re thinking about the worst European cars of all time. The Reliant Robin is an easy target thanks to its tendency to flip over, and then there’s the Lancia Beta, which rusted into oblivion to avoid its shame.

What about the Alfa Romeo Arna, which was basically a rebadged Nissan Cherry? And, who can forget the totally ugly Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, proving that even the world’s most famous supercar maker can have an off day every now and then?

So now it’s your turn. Take to the comments section below and let us know your pick for the worst cars to have ever come out of Europe. We’ll round up some of the worst offenders in a slideshow tomorrow afternoon.


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