2023 Nissan Altima spy photos show new fascia, bigger screen

We’re coming up on nearly four years since the Nissan Altima was fully redesigned. As such, it’s due for a refresh, and that’s exactly what these spy shots show. It’s going to be a light one, but one that not only updates the styling but also the available infotainment.

The exterior changes are limited pretty much entirely to the front fascia, particularly the grille. The chrome “V” seems to have been downplayed, as it has on the updated Nissan Kicks and Nissan Pathfinder. The grille mesh doesn’t seem to be encircled by it anymore, and continues down to the lower opening unimpeded. But there will probably still be vestiges of that chrome in bars leading down from the headlights, similar to the Pathfinder and echoing some of the design from the Ariya.

Also noteworthy are the outboard grilles. They’re much larger than the openings of the current model, and don’t seem to house any lighting on this model. But we would expect foglights to be placed there on higher trims.

Moving on to the interior, the main change that’s visible is the infotainment screen. It looks substantially larger than the current model’s 8-inch unit, and it has a wider aspect ratio. The housing is a simple rectangle now, which allows for a thin bezel around the screen. A set of shortcut buttons for radio controls remain below the screen, but the dual knobs for volume and tuning have been replaced by a single knob in the middle, likely only for volume, but it could be multifunction.

With how limited the refresh is, we expect it will be implemented on the 2023 model year. Engines will likely be the same with a naturally aspirated four-cylinder and a variable-compression turbo four-cylinder on offer, both with CVTs. We’ll probably see it revealed by the end of the year, with sales coming soon after.

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