These Are Your Favorite Off-Road Experiences

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Let me tell you about a place called Wellsville Ohio.

Most of the land was bought up by a company about 5 years ago, so theres a lot of risk in going now, but some of it is still open to ride. But back in the heyday, boy oh boy. Bikes, Mud trucks, Jeeps, homebuilt creations, rock buggies, Sand rails with tractor tires, all running amok with zero authority to keep anyone in line. It was Like Forza Horizon, but everyone is drunk.

It was a completely lawless place, with miles and miles of trails with no specific direction, and absolutely no map or signs of any kind. There were rules to this place. You never go alone, you never go without someone who knows the trails, and you never, under any circumstance, leave your vehicle there by itself for any length of time. The sides of the trails were littered with burned out husks of stolen or abandoned vehicles, because when I say it was lawless, I mean it was LAWLESS. Police or Medical help were 30 minutes away at the very best, and if you got yourself hurt way out in the sticks, you were in very big trouble.

Helicopter Lifeflights were a weekly occurence in the summer, and no, im not exaggerating.

But if you were brave or stupid enough to go anyway, you were rewarded with some of the most insane trails you’ve ever seen. You could stick to the main roads and the play areas (kind of like hubs that lead to different trails) and have a blast off roading a bone stock SUV. Or, you could Take a brand new RZR off the showroom floor, hit the hard trails, and completely destroy your suspension, axles,and undercarriage in a matter of an afternoon. It was THAT rough.

We went every weekend, breaking vehicles and ourselves, until we all had kids and realized we needed to be more responsible.

But man oh man, do I miss the crazy memories of that place.

Sometimes, the hardest part of off-roading is finding land that will actually let you do it. Huge tracts like this aren’t easy to come by, and with the real estate market the way it is they likely won’t be getting more plentiful any time soon. If you’re reading this, and you’re a billionaire, please buy some land to set aside for ‘froading. We’ll eat you last.

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