Here Are The Automotive Stories That Would Make Great Movies

A black and white photo of three vintage racing cars.

Photo: E. Bacon/Topical Press Agency/Hulton Archive (Getty Images)

“John Godfrey Parry-Thomas, just Parry-Thomas to most, started out as a car designer. After test driving a new Leyland of his design, he realized that he should race. And became a successful racer. Then, he wanted to be not just faster, but the fastest.

“So he built Babs, a 27-liter chain driven car that he would attempt to take to more than 170mph. When he arrived at Pendine Sands in Wales on March 3rd 1927, it was raining. He could barely stand up due to really awful flu, but drove anyway.

“The car crashed, he died.

“In the local library nearby is a little exhibition about that day. I saw the death certificate, it redefines ‘understatement’. While attempting to break the land speed record in a chain driven, aircraft powered car on a soft beach, it turned over and slid upside down at 120mph, no roll cage. Or much of a helmet. The cause of death is recorded as ‘head injuries sustained in a motor accident’.

“There is also a counterpoint available in the study of another ultimately self-destructive person, as Dylan Thomas’ writing cabin is a mile up the hill, and Brown’s bar is also nearby.”

Ambitious engineering projects and land speed record make for great films, take The World’s Fastest Indian as an example. I think this tale might suit Domhnall Gleeson, I can see him pickup up the role of John Godfrey Parry-Thomas.

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