Kyle Larson Wants To Get Rid Of Windshields For NASCAR’s Bristol Dirt Race

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This weekend marks one of the goofiest events of the NASCAR calendar: the dirt race at Bristol, where tons of dirt is trucked in to cover the paved surface of Motor Speedway. But not everyone is a fan of the event, including reigning NASCAR Cup Series Champion Kyle Larson.

Larson called into the SiriusXM show “Dialed In,” where NASCAR personalities and fans can weigh in on recent events and controversies, to air his dislike of the whole concept of the Bristol dirt event.

“The way I look at it is, if we’re not going to take the windshields out, then why are we racing on dirt,” Kyle Larson said. He added:

We just shouldn’t race on dirt if we’re not going to take the windshields out and actually have a dirt race. With moisture in the track and being able to produce a real dirt race.

I feel like we’re just wasting everybody’s time, a little bit. And, not giving the fans and competitors what we all deserve.

In my opinion, if we’re not going to take the windshields out, we might as well never put dirt on Bristol again. Which, I’m all for not putting dirt on Bristol, whether we have windshields or not. The racing at Bristol’s amazing, just as normal.

If we can get through this year and if they put dirt on the track again, maybe they can get a head start on trying to design something, where we cannot have windshields. You know, weld in bars or do something.

Like, late models that I run. We don’t have windshields but we have massive bars that are welded in, in front of us. It’s kinda like a rock screen.

I mean, nothing, there’s not a spindle or heavy piece of car that’s going to come through that. It is extremely heavy duty.

I don’t see why we couldn’t weld in something like that. Or clamp in bars that are temporary. There’s a way to run no windshields.

I understand the safety side of NASCAR and why they don’t. Our race cars are really safe but you’re not going to have a true dirt race with windshields.

I feel like it’s just kind of lame.

Those are a lot of words to say something very simple: Racing on dirt with windshields is just goofy.

If you’re not familiar with the dirt racing world, there are a few reasons you’d want to avoid windshields. The main one is that dirt can quickly cover the glass and obscure visibility. The windshields also trap dirt inside the car instead of letting it filter through, which is uncomfortable for the driver.

And Larson knows what he’s talking about. He’s a certified menace on a dirt track, with countless wins and championships to his name. If he’s criticizing the one dirt race of the year, it’s probably best to listen.

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