Man Resists Arrest For Putting ‘I Did That’ Biden Stickers On Gas Pumps

A man was arrested and criminally charged for putting those Joe Biden “I Did That” stickers on gas pumps in Lancaster, Pennsylvania last week. The lame attempt at social commentary has spread across the nation even though the stickers are a huge headache for the small businesses that operate gas stations.

Thomas Richard Glazewski was charged with misdemeanor resisting arrest, (which is pretty evident from the three video clips posted to Facebook by local Aaron Philips) as well as summary offenses of disorderly conduct, harassment and criminal mischief, Fox 29 reports.

Glazewski screamed, “I did that. I did that. That’s what I did,” while pointing to the Biden stickers, according to footage posted on Facebook that recorded the March 31 arrest, which has been shared more than 3,000 times as of Monday.

Police tackled him in the parking lot of the gas station and he suffered from “self-inflicted injuries” that necessitated EMS to take him the hospital, according to charging documents.

A Turkey Hill employee told police that Glazewski sprayed the stickers with something to make them more difficult to remove, charging documents also said.

He seems nice.

The stickers are meant to be put next to the price screen, showing President Joe Biden pointing at the price. They are a cheap piece of social commentary, selling for $10 to $13 for a pack of 100. As such, they’ve become pretty ubiquitous across the country.

The problem, however, is that the stickers are a huge headache for gas station owners. Stations are mainly owned and operated by small business owners, who sign a deal with large oil companies to sell their gas while making most of their profit off connivence store purchases. Behemoth corporations like Exxon-Mobile or Shell are very concerned about how their brand is portrayed. Corporate representatives do regular inspections of gas stations and pumps, and it’s the owner that gets hit with fines for things like vandalism, which includes the sticker. Glazewski’s practice of using something to make the sticker harder to remove didn’t change any minds, it just made some poor gas station employee’s day a lot more tedious.

Glazewski will get his day in court on April 26, Fox 29 reports, which I’m sure will be a good time for all.

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