Here Are The Cars You Think Are Too Long

A photo of a green Buick Wildcat.

Photo: Buick

“My 1970 Buick Wildcat was 220 inches long (that’s 18’4″) and was essentially a two-seater. With my 6’4″ self in the front seat, the back of the front bench seat was maybe 3-4 inches from the edge of the back seat.

“This car also took up most of a two car garage with maybe four inches of space between the rear bumper and the garage door (I have a shelving unit bolted to the rear of the garage that takes up ~16 inches of space.) and the doors were so long and heavy I couldn’t park my DD in the garage next to the Wildcat without potentially denting one car or the other.

“And did I mention it swilled gas at 12mpg on a good day, was drafty with the top up even with new weather stripping and handled like a pig on roller skates in the rain?

“God, i miss that car. :’-(“

Any car that doesn’t fit in a standard garage with room to wrench is officially too big. Especially if it’s a 1970s Buick.

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