Traffic Jams: Mac DeMarco – ‘My Kind Of Woman’

You know those bands that inexplicably remind you of a very specific kind of weather and a very specific period of your life? That’s how I am with Mac DeMarco.

I found DeMarco in 2015 as I was preparing for my first trip abroad (to, of course, watch race car in other countries). It was hot, humid, and rainy in Texas, and DeMarco became my “running at a steady pace for a very long time” music. And my “cutting my hair into bangs for the first time” music. And then, later, my “dying my hair Ronald McDonald red” music.

I’m at a point in my life where I no longer run for long periods of time, and as much as I miss having red hair, I do not miss the maintenance that it required. Bangs are still on the table later this month, though. We’ll have to see what happens.

In any case: Enjoy “My Kind of Woman,” which is one of DeMarco’s finest — and most popular — tracks. If you’re looking for a deeper cut, however, I wish to point you to Makeout Videotape’s Ying Yang album, which just as effectively conveys the whole “probably making bad choices but still enjoying it” vibe.

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