Audi Urbansphere concept teased in video

With the Audi Urbansphere concept is headed for an online reveal April 19, Audi might be littering the Interwebs with digital crumbs from now until then. We’ve seen a dark teaser revealing tidbits of the silhouette and interior, now comes a video highlighting some of the shiny bits and features we can look forward to. The urban and seemingly autonomous getabout gets illuminated brand rings and flashy light signatures front and back, plus light shows in front and rear valences, and a jutting spoiler above the backlight. The cabin is kitted out “like a retreat” according to ballerina Yuan Yuan Tan in the new teaser, and it includes something that looks like tea service for four hidden in what looks like a floating armrest. Add the necessary screens and digital readouts, and the stage is set for another self-driving luxury lounge.

The Urbansphere is the third and last of the automaker’s Sphere concepts after the Skysphere grand tourer last August and the Grandsphere executive transport last September. It will introduce us to “a bodytype that’s never happened with Audi – and it’s damn good looking!”, according to Audi head of brand Henrik Wenders. He also said, “[From] the inside it’s a completely breakthrough way of designing and thinking about” such a space that, and in a way that has been taken “to the most condensed level.” We’re tuning in on the 19th for the rear suicide doors and starship pod ambient lighting if nothing else. And the chamomile tea.

You can watch the reveal and learn more about the concepts here.

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