The 10 Worst Cars Of The 1990s

GM sold tons of Cavaliers. Just two years into production of this generation, it became the best selling model GM had on dealership lots. Reader Chairman Kaga shares why many of those Cavalier buyers likely regretted their purchase:

Everything about the J-Bodies telepathically transmits an overwhelming sense of submission to the status quo.

The Japanese are killing it with fun, cheap, reliable, efficient econoboxes? Well, here you go. A riotous Quad4 (if you’re lucky) that sounds like a trolling motor and has about as much grunt, transmitting power through the same 4-speed hydromatic that GM had been stuffing into its abominable commuter cars for the past 2.5 centuries, all the while swaddling you in the opulent luxuries of Fisher Price’s My First Interior, seats from a 1988 Leyland Bus and a stereo from Bobco Inc.

The Cavalier is worse than you remember. It’s shittier than the Malibu, the Neon, or the PT Cruiser. It’s the ultimate “Meh, fuck you” from post-Malaise GM. A definitive manifestation of the American auto industry’s contempt for the buying public, quality, and legacy, and also a perfect illustration of the reality that consumers will consume anything as long as it’s cheap and has incessant marketing behind it.

Just dreadful. I hate this car.

Suggested By: Chairman Kaga

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