Lincoln teases electric concept SUV that will debut soon

An electric Lincoln concept vehicle is going to be revealed on April 20, and today Lincoln is giving us a quick glimpse of what to expect.

Before we detail the few shots of the car itself, here’s all Lincoln told us about the vehicle: “The global concept serves as inspiration for our fully electric Lincoln vehicles coming in the near future.”

So, expect to see elements taken out of this concept car applied to production cars later this decade. As of now, the main theme we can see in the teaser is light. Lincoln is using LED lighting tech all over the car, and it’s even in some unique spots like the roof, hood and fenders. There’s a good chance this lighting doesn’t make it anywhere near a production car, but it gives us a look at where Lincoln’s heads are at with design. Clearly, light will be key.

Where the light makes more sense is in the light-up Lincoln badges all over the concept. We can see the massive light-up badge in front, smaller light-up badge on the side and the “Lincoln” spelled out with light-up letters on the rear. It’s also important to note that this concept is an SUV of sorts. We can see very little of the actual design, but it’s no surprise to see Lincoln using the SUV body style as inspiration for its future EVs.

The little we can see of the grille/front of the car makes it look like a wide and largely empty expanse of space. Most of the detailing is shrouded in darkness, so we’ll just have to wait until April 20 to see what Lincoln has cooked up for us.

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