What Motor Race Do You Think You’d Stand A Chance At?

A photo of a Honda Civic racing at Brands Hatch.

Taking on Brands Hatch in a Civic? Yes please!
Photo: Ker Robertson (Getty Images)

Have you ever taken a satisfying sequence of corners surprisingly well and found yourself thinking, “I’m pretty good at this?” Or maybe you’ve had a track day here and there, where the instructor assured you they were the best they’d seen that day? If that’s the case, you might find yourself thinking that you could give motor racing a good go.

But, obviously, you don’t want to start off with something intimidating like the 24 hours of Le Mans. So what motor race do you actually think you might stand a chance at?

Have a think about the type of cars you could handle, or the bike styles that you are the most familiar with. Then, consider if you’d take on a fearsome race track, street circuit or something off-road entirely.

Whichever event you’d take on, across whatever style of motorsport you like, we want to hear your answers.

You might have taken one look at the new Las Vegas Grand Prix track and thought “I could have that?” Or, perhaps you’ve seen the track layout at the Tasmania Supersprint in Australia’s Supercars series and thought you could take a fair crack at it.

And what about a street circuit? Surely it can’t be that hard to race the sausage-dog-shaped New York E-Prix course? And then there’s NASCAR, that’s just going round in circles, right?

Personally, I’ve always fancied attempting Brands Hatch with the British Touring Cars. There, you’ve got 10 corners spread across a 1.21-mile track and you get to take it all on in a race-ready Honda Civid or Ford Focus, what’s not to love?

So, whatever motor race you think you’d stand a chance at, let us know. Take to the comments and tell us the series and track you think you could take on. We’ll leave this up over the weekend and will compile some of the best answers on Monday afternoon.


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