These Cars Were Made Better Through Scarcity

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The 1970 Plymouth Superbird—it’s amazing what a wing and nose can do for scarcity:

And go on to be a movie character—voiced by Richard Petty no less:

There were a shade over 500 ‘69 Charger Daytonas, but thanks to a NASCAR rule change of what a “stock” car from the factory had to be to qualify as stock, there were almost 2000 Superbirds built—rare, but not ohmigod rare. At the time, Plymouth dealers couldn’t sell that many ‘Birds. Some were converted back to regular Road Runners, so not a super sales success.

It’s been a half century, the cars only show up at car shows, and the fact that an American car existed that any customer could walk into a Plymouth dealership and dicker them over the price of one that ridiculous and capable of such ridiculous speed—there’s something visceral to it.

So how things change as the years go by—the Superbird with that huge nose and monster wing—went from not being able to practically give it away to movie star—I’d call that good use of scarcity.

This, unfortunately, is one of the only wrong answers in the bunch. Sure, the rarity of Superbirds and Daytonas helped their prices, but the NASCAR pedigree would always have made these cool. What would be even cooler? If every car out on the roads right now was a Superbird. I want to live in that world.

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