Remembering The 10mm Socket (You Will Be Missed)

I have a very distinct memory from my childhood. I was in the pole barn with my dad while he worked on one of his various cars while I sat on the lawn tractor and pretended to mow our yard. Suddenly, I heard a cry of what can only be described as the purest frustration the world has ever witnessed. As I looked over to see what happened, my dad lamented, “The fucking 10mm is gone again!

Losing your 10mm has become something of a meme among anyone who regularly uses tools, and for good reason. It’s a common size for just about everything, which means you’re more likely to use it, leave it out somewhere, and lose it than you are with any other size socket. Unfortunately, you’re also more likely to notice the loss because there’s a damn good chance you’re going to need that same exact socket somewhere soon.

You’ll then relate to this:

My husband is an avid automotive YouTube consumer, which is something I have stringently avoided for years because I truly do not ever want to listen to a man talk to me about cars.

But I’ll make one exception, and that is for Whistlin’ Diesel. I have deep respect for anyone who avidly goes out of their way to piss people off and fuck with the very things we all consider sacred in the automotive world. If I had an obscene amount of money, I’d buy brand new pickup trucks and trash them, too. Unfortunately, I am a mere mortal with a mortgage and can only live vicariously through the long-running goofs of Whislin’ Diesel.

There’s nothing polarizing about the above video, titled “the 10mm (a short film),” though it is from several years ago (please let me be, I am working my way through the Whislin’ Diesel archive). It’s a work of art. The editing is fantastic. The story is great. The end is something we’ve all felt before in our lives.

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