These Are The Cars That Deserve A Grammy Award

The sound of the half-destroyed Chevy truck that the dude around the corner from me owns. It’s running on maybe 6 or 7 cylinders, the mufflers have either been cut off or fell off, and it’s got some nasty lifter noise too. But he thinks everyone in the neighborhood needs to hear it, all the time.

Oh, there he is again. Is he just driving up and down the street for no reason? Doesn’t he have places to go? Why is that stupid thing revving so high while going 15mph?

(This is not a serious reply, please don’t count it)

As Du Volant, you’re not my real dad and I don’t have to listen when you say not to count your entry. In protest, here it is: The sound of a broken Chevy (okay, GMC) truck, for you to enjoy. I gotta say, not my pick, but to each their own.

Submitted by: As Du Volant

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