Ford Broncos will reportedly lose nav over chip shortage

Ford has reportedly added yet another casualty to the list of vehicles it plans to offer without some factory options to customers who aren’t in a position to wait for chip shortages to abate. Ford Authority reports that higher-end Bronco trims that would normally come with factory navigation will get a new option to delete the feature, potentially speeding up delivery for customers. 

The report also suggests that Ford will cease to offer navigation on ’22 models entirely. Currently, it’s ostensibly available on the Big Bend and Black Diamond trims with the Mid Package; Badlands trims equipped with the Mid, High or Lux Package; as well as Outer Banks and Wildtrak trims. A new order code for “Navigation Removal” will allow the vehicles to be built without that hardware.

Finally, Ford Authority suggested that it may not be possible for customers to retrofit navigation into these vehicles if they take delivery without it. This is a departure from what we’ve seen before with the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Navigator (and now, Ford Authority reports, the Expedition), where customers are being promised that the components will be delivered and installed down the road without any further hassle. 

When asked for clarification, a Ford spokesperson told Autoblog only that “2022 Ford Broncos continue to be built with navigation and that we are looking at many options to help get vehicles to our customers sooner during this global shortage of semiconductor chips.”

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