These Are The Worst Electric Cars On Sale Today

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Unfortunately, I have to nominate the second generation Nissan Leaf, but only because it still uses a CHAdeMO port for fast charging.

For those that don’t know, CHAdeMO plugs are being phased out in favor of CCS plugs. Most new charging stations include only 1 CHAdeMO plug, if they include any at all. CCS to CHAdeMO adapters are not available, so it is becoming increasingly difficult to fast charge a Leaf, even as fast charging infrastructure is rapidly improving.

I’ve had many instances where I’ve arrived at a charging station to find the CHAdeMO plug is not available. The plug is sometimes being used by another Leaf driver, but is more often occupied by someone charging a car with a CCS plug (most chargers with a CHAdeMO plug also have a CCS plug; you can only use one at a time, so if someone is using the CCS plug you have to wait until they finish charging to use the CHAdeMO plug).

The worst is waiting to charge when there are 8 open CCS plugs, but some dipshit insists on using the one charger with a CHAdeMO plug to charge their CCS-equipped vehicle. This happens frequently.

This makes road trips in a second generation Leaf difficult, despite its reasonably long range.

I don’t know why Nissan hamstrung this vehicle with archaic charging technology.

Well said, Stig’s Misanthropic Cousin. Note this is not the first time “Nissan” and “archaic” have appeared in the same sentence.

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