These Are The Worst Race Tracks In History

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I’ll just focus on F1 tracks, the worst just based on historic tracks that look SUPER boring would be AVUS (Germany, 1959) and Zeltweg Airfield (Austria, 1964), looks like LONG straights and a couple of corners.

Indianapolis (USA) and Nurburging (original track, Germany) rank as the two deadliest (7 and 5 deaths, respectively).

For tracks on this year’s calendar, I’ll go with Jeddah, Monaco and Zandvoort. Jeddah was kinda fun to watch this year, but with the high speed, close walls and limited visibility it’s just a matter of time before someone has a crash that makes Mick Schumacher’s wreck stand out as the warning it should be.

Zandvoort just looks like someone made a really big go-kart track in the sand and decided to put full size race cars on it, in certain sections of that circuit, the cars look almost comically out of place.

I love the Monaco GP, but let’s be honest, it’s pretty much a really, really fast parade. So Monaco fits right in the middle of Jeddah and Zandvoort because it combines what’s wrong with both tracks. F1 cars have grown to accommodate safety improvements but you can’t just move parts of a city to make the street wider for better run off areas and to get more room for passing. This usually results in the race being a procession where no one can pass and cars are removed from various places in the procession due to driver error (clipping a wall, or pushing another driver into a barrier), equipment failure (blown motor, flat tire, etc.) or when a team decides to just throw away a win and calls their driver in for tires and everyone has their thumb firmly planted up their ass (like when Red Bull screwed Danny Ric quite hard without a nice kiss or even a little lube a few years ago).

AVUS claims four whole corners, three of which combine like Voltron to form a facsimile of Lime Rock Park’s Big Bend. When plotting an ideal line, it ends up being two straights linked by two hairpins — the exact track layout that NASCAR haters claim makes for boring racing. Ovals, by the way, are more interesting than this.

(Editor’s note from Elizabeth Blackstock: HAVE Y’ALL SEEN AVUS’ BANKING??????????????????? BRO. BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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