10 Cars That Make You Irrationally Upset

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There’s a level of sympathy that is required when committing to a relationship with a project car, but sometimes these it can be taken it to another level. Reader Bullitt417 can share some honest feelings.

I buy it nice new parts, I clean and wax it, I want it to be all around better.

Instead, the transmission broke, the cylinder head cracked, the rear sway bar needed to be replaced twice, the rear axle vented too much, the battery cable corroded, the Satellite radio antenna broke, the AC compressor broke, the front lower controls arms squeaked… all from a car I bought new.

Then, two hour installs become full day installs, new parts lead to new issues, upgrades I though would be great are not. If my car was a person, I would totally take a swing it it.

… And yet I won’t sell the car. I love driving it, I like buying new parts, I love the fact that four years later, I still look back as I walk away in a parking lot.

But I guess that’s what Love its.. The simultaneous need to strangle someone but the realization that if you do, you will miss them.

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