This camper trailer expands out to reveal a living space

We’re always dreaming of our next vacation. Some of us want to travel the world, trying out new foods and experiencing new cultures, and some of us just want to camp in the woods while we enjoy the heat coming from a bonfire near a lake. French camper-maker Beauer may have a solution for the people that want to enjoy the camper experience without hauling a massive trailer. Beauer has designed an expandable camper trailer that extends outward to fit four people comfortably.

The Beauer 3X is a telescopic camper that extends to reveal a living space with a living room, kitchen, and bedroom all fitting into 129 square feet of space. When not extended, the Beauer 3X is only 43 square feet, but with the press of a button the 3X extends out in just 60 seconds. The living room is equipped with a bench and table that can transform into a second bed that can fit two people. The spacious kitchen includes a fridge, gas hob, sink, and an area for a microwave. The main bedroom contains a toilet and can be fitted with a shower. The Beauer 3X will cost a little over $35,000 and while the expandable camper isn’t necessarily new tech, it’s still neat to see how different companies redesign the concept. 

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