Toyota GR Corolla details shown, reveal date announced

Toyota has been leaving some semi-cryptic teasers the last couple months about its upcoming GR Corolla hot hatch. Now it’s becoming more explicit. The company released two up-close shots of some of the car’s details, and additionally, it finally provided a reveal date: March 31.

The first teaser, shown at the top, is of the car’s front left fender. It has a large air extractor vent, and right next to it is the familiar black-and-red GR badge shared with the GR 86, GR Supra and GR Yaris. It’s hard to tell from this angle, but we suspect that fender sticks out farther than on a standard Corolla, too.

Toyota GR Corolla side skirt

Supporting that theory is the second teaser shot, shown above. This one shows a side skirt, and what looks like part of a rear bolt-on fender flare. The side skirt looks quite deep, suggesting wider fenders for it to bridge. It also features debossed “GR-FOUR” lettering, proclaiming the car’s all-wheel-drive system to the world. And of course, the bit of rear fender flare continues the wider theme. We’re expecting some fairly wide tires with these modifications.

Though Toyota has kept the GR Corolla pretty well-hidden, there are a number of things we’re pretty sure of thanks to its close cousin, the GR Yaris. It will have a 1.6-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine with a manual transmission and all-wheel drive. Reportedly, it will make even more power than the Yaris at around 300 horsepower. And assuming it uses basically the same driveline as the Yaris, it may also be available with limited-slip front and rear differentials. All of which is to say, we’re pretty excited to see this super Corolla this week.

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