Used: 5 Renault Talisman from €12,990

Doomed to disappear in this year 2022, the Renault Talisman is the latest in a long line of sedans which saw the birth of the R12, R18 or R21. Small tour in opportunity of this model about to go away.

The family sedans, it’s a tradition at Renault. From R12 to the Laguna, passing through the R18 then the intrepid R21. Cis sedans and station wagons “to live” marked generations, travels and holiday memories. This category is living its last moments, weakened then buried by the SUV fashion.

However, some generalist manufacturers continue to offer them. This is the case of Renault with its Talisman, the last “true” family sedan of the brand. She is appeared in 2015 to replace the Laguna, and is doomed to disappear in this year 2022.

She experienced a half-hearted career. The blame the SUVs and to German competition. However, the Frenchwoman is a comfortable and well-equipped road, available used at a very affordable price. Having interested fleets and drivers, we find it mainly in diesel units.

In four-door saloon or 5-door “Estate” station wagon, here are some copies of this sedan destined to disappear shortly.

Renault Talisman, 2018, 12 990 €

This first copy is a Talisman classic sedan, offered in diesel engine. It is equipped with a block 1.6 of 130 horsepower associated with an automatic gearbox (Crit’Air 2). Its equipment includes cruise control, leather interior, automatic air conditioning, alloy wheels, reversing radar, as well as a touch screen with GPS and Bluetooth.

Renault Talisman Estate, 2017, 14 990 €

This second proposal is a five-door estate version, driven by the same 130 horsepower 1.6 diesel unit with an automatic gearbox (Crit’Air 2). On board is a 7-inch infotainment screen with GPS and Bluetooth, air conditioning, cruise control, Android Auto/Apple CarPlay connectivity and hill start assist.

Renault Talisman, 2016, 15 890 €

This copy is a Talisman sedan motorized again diesel, this time from 160 horsepower, combined with an automatic gearbox (Crit’Air 2). Being an Initiale finish, it is entirely lined with leather and also includes standard equipment, a reversing camera, a head-up display, and a touch screen including GPS and Bluetooth.

Renault Talisman, 2017, 16 490 €

For this fourth version, the model in question is a Talisman in 150 horsepower petrol engine, with automatic gearbox (Crit’Air 1). It is the first accessible with such energy.

Its equipment includes a leather interior, alloy wheels, GPS, Bluetooth compatibility. In addition to the regulator and the air conditioning of course.

Renault Talisman Estate, 2016, 17 900 €

the last copy available second-hand is a Talisman Estate with petrol engine and Initiale Paris finish. She’s driven by a block 200 horsepower combined with an automatic gearbox (Crit’Air 1).

It is adorned with a leather interior, and is equipped with the latest equipment such as a head-up display, a reversing camera, heated front seats and a Bose audio system.

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