Toulouse: the ZFE comes into force on March 1

From March 1st, professional vehicles equipped with the Crit’Arir 5 sticker and not classified will no longer be able to circulate in Toulouse.

This is a new step in the establishment of ZFEs throughout France. After Paris and Lyons, among other things, it is the turn of the metropolis of Toulouse to apply traffic restrictions and banish vehicles deemed too polluting. From March 1st, the ZFE (Low Emissions Zone) will therefore be implemented in the Pink City and its surroundings. She ” will be applied gradually, accompanied by aid (…) to enable everyone to adapt “As specified by the Metropolis in an official press release. Concretely, the whole city is concerned within the perimeter of the ring road, as well as certain areas of the cities of Colomiers and Tournefeuille.

The oldest vehicles in the line of sight

As for Paris, a timetable will be put in place, in order to tighten the restrictions in the coming years. For the time being, it is commercial vehicles and professionals equipped with the Crit’Air 5 thumbnail, as well as those that are not classified because they are too old and which will be banned from circulation in the metropolis. From September 1, it will be the turn of utilities classified Crit’Air 4 to be banned from the ZFE. On the other hand, individuals will have a bit of a reprieve, until next year.

Indeed, it is next January that the rules of the ZFE will apply for private vehicles equipped with Crit’Air 4 and 5 stickers, as well as unclassified ones once again. From 2024, only cars classified Crit’Air 0.1 and 2 will be able to circulate in the zone except derogation in force as the statement states. A measure welcomed by the mayor of Toulouse, but already much criticized by motorists, who denounce a punitive ecology.

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