DS E-Tense Performance (2022): a new super-powerful electric coupé derived from Formula E

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DS Automobiles innovates and invents concept car restyling. The young manufacturer, member of the Stellantis group, surprised on Monday February 7, 2022 to unveil the DS E-Tense Performance concept, an updated version of its DS E-Tense concept, which was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016. The premium brand explains that this new concept car was “designed as a very high performance laboratory intended to accelerate the development of technologies for the next creations of DS Automobiles”. Of which act.

Equipped with a carbon shell with running gear “extrapolated from a Formula E single-seater”, the DS E-Tense Performance above all takes up the coupé design sported by the initial concept. At the front, DS Automobiles added a screen instead of the grille. This is reminiscent of another concept, the DS Aero Sport Lounge SUV. The DS E-Tense Performance also features new daytime running lights made up of 800 LEDs. Two cameras have been integrated into the front of the car.

The painting evolves according to the light

DS E-Tense Performance (2022)Credit Photo – DS Automobiles

The look of the car is also marked by a “beetle-effect interferential” tint, which changes its color according to the exterior brightness and the angle of view. Part of the bonnet and the rear face are painted black. In profile, we notice flush door handles and aerodynamic rims, while the rear receives relatively few changes, except for a large E-Tense logo. DS Automobiles does not publish photos of the interior of this style study, but ensures that it has bucket seats, a Formula E steering wheel and black leather upholstery.

A phenomenal couple

DS E-Tense Performance (2022)

DS E-Tense Performance (2022)Credit Photo – DS Automobiles

Where the DS E-Tense Performance concept car is most interesting is certainly under its hood. The traction chain has been completely revised and now consists of two electric motors whose combined power reaches 600 kW (815 hp). 250 kW are distributed at the front, against 350 kW for the rear axle. According to DS Automobiles, this engine derived from “DS Performance developments in Formula E” can develop no less than 8,000 Nm of torque! So that the machine remains controllable, it is of course equipped with an all-wheel drive.

An innovative battery derived from Formula E

DS E-Tense Performance (2022)

DS E-Tense Performance (2022)Credit Photo – DS Automobiles

In addition to this absolutely monstrous torque, the concept car benefits from an “unprecedented regeneration capacity of 600 kW” according to information from the manufacturer. This would ensure full braking, without touching the brake pedal. DS Automobiles does not communicate the autonomy of the battery, but specifies that it is “housed in a carbon-aluminum composite envelope” located in the rear central position. This battery is also inspired by Formula E, and was developed in partnership with Saft, a subsidiary of TotalEnergies. “It hides innovative chemistry and an immersive cell cooling system that breaks with current technologies, thanks to a tailor-made Quartz EV Fluid solution”, explains the firm, which predicts that this revolutionary battery will allow innovations on future series vehicles.

DS Automobiles announces that tests of the DS E-Tense Performance concept car will take place on track and open road in February 2022, with Formula E champion drivers Jean-Éric Vergne and António Félix da Costa. “The actual performance data will then be revealed”, announces the brand, which will auction images of the concept car in NFT.

In short

The manufacturer DS Automobiles is proud of its performance in Formula E, and has decided to transpose certain characteristics of its single-seater into a concept car. The idea gave rise to the DS E-Tense Performance, a sports coupe with two electric motors whose combined power reaches 815 hp and 8,000 Nm of torque. It is actually a restyled version of the DS E-Tense, one of the first concept cars from DS Automobiles.

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