Waste, pollution, urine… The neighbors of an Amazon warehouse can’t take it anymore

Amazon stirs resentment. Its warehouse in Senlis, in the Oise, is beginning to seriously annoy the residents of the surrounding municipalities. The reason ? Wild dumping of garbage has been multiplying for many months along the roads of the area, generated by the many trucks that will deliver the premises. The anger is such that a petition has been launched and, on Thursday, February 3, it already has nearly 500 signatures, reports The Parisian. Because the inhabitants of Senlis and the neighboring towns are convinced of it: the person in charge is none other than Amazon, installed in Rouliers since 2019.

On the American giant’s warehouse site, the parking lot is actually too small to accommodate all the trucks that come and go to deliver their packages. They must therefore park where they can while waiting to be able to access the site. The local elected officials reacted well to the protests of the local residents, who could no longer stand this perpetual ballet, indicating that a second car park was going to be built. But that doesn’t seem to have solved all of the area’s problems. Hence the launch of the petition.

A farmer testified in particular to the Ile-de-France daily newspaper of the heap of waste strewn on the edge of one of his fields, where the trucks park while waiting to be able to enter the Rouliers site. “Trash cans, packaging and even bottles of urine, it’s absolute horror. The problem has always existed but for two years, it’s been getting worse and worse,” he regrets. The newspaper even mentions so many waste in the middle of the vegetation that the area sometimes looks like a wild dump. Some drivers recognize the lack of respect for the surroundings but explain that they do not have much choice: “We have to park somewhere”.

Possible sanctions against carriers with disrespectful drivers

Amazon indicated that reminders have been made to drivers and warns that trade sanctions could be decided if necessary: ​​”They have specific delivery times, in order to smooth the traffic. It is not always respected but we provide a list of legal car parks. If these overflows continue, commercial sanctions could apply to certain carriers.”

The towns of Mont-l’Évêque and Chamant, not far from Senlis, are also affected. The unregistered mayor of the first town admits not being able to do much, due to a lack of equipment to properly accommodate drivers and their vehicles. According to Le Parisien, a meeting was held at the end of January between Amazon, the sub-prefecture of Senlis and local elected officials. It has been decided that the American giant’s car park will be extended, but for the time being no construction date has been announced.

The deputy mayor of Senlis argued that such a project would take time, but that faster measures will be taken. The laying of stone blocks in about ten strategic places was mentioned in particular. For its part, Amazon says it takes neighborhood complaints very seriously. If the giant also wishes to find “permanent solutions”, in the meantime, it has taken the decision to “mobilize [ses] cleaning teams in the direct surroundings of the site”. “But we cannot go further for questions of responsibility”, however comments the company to the daily.

This could well attract the wrath of many French people, as it continues to open other warehouses in the territory. Last April, Amazon told Capital that it intended to continue its strategy of setting up warehouses in France, referring to “about ten openings per year”. The eastern and western regions of the country were particularly mentioned. But with these new establishments, complaints from local residents are likely, as in Senlis, to multiply.


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