VIDEO – Frustrated by snow on a car in front of him, he gets out and takes care of it himself

The facts date back to November 7 but what do you want, this video has just arrived on the internet. And this express cleaning comes straight from Canada.

In the region of Saskatchewan, Canada, it is strictly forbidden to drive with snow on the license plate. And according to the words of the author of this video, the 4×4 in front of him was well aware of this law.

In fact, the driver was driving very slowly so as not to be seen by a police car a few meters ahead. And that quickly annoyed the occupants of the car in which we boarded.

The driver will therefore wait for a red light to get out of his vehicle and sweep everything clean. An absolutely improbable but clearly necessary scene…

In two shakes of a lamb’s tail

A few short brush strokes will therefore be enough to clear the layer of snow present on the rear windshield as well as on the license plate.

It wasn’t much and this proves that the owner of this 4×4 could have done it himself Before leaving. It would have saved him from having to ride like a fugitive…

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