This former Ferrari driver is worried about Charles Leclerc

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For the Italian, one of the two drivers must stand out this season as the leader after a successful year of adaptation for Carlos Sainz (5th overall with four podiums):

It will be up to the track to dictate the hierarchy. Last year, Sainz had to adapt to a team whose task is more difficult than the others. And he succeeded very well.

For the former driver, Leclerc would not have held up the pressure following Vettel’s departure:

Charles is faster on a flying lap, but last year he was expected to be more of a team leader and he may not always have been able to do that. In previous years, with Vettel, nobody asked him anything. Having pressure on your shoulders makes a big difference.

He goes on to explain that Ferrari will have to learn to manage two drivers with common ambitions as has already been the case in other teams:

Ferrari must now start preparing to manage two drivers with the same ambition, the same desire and the same chances of winning. We Italians think we need a hierarchy, but many times the Brits have put two stars together, like with Mansell and Piquet, or Senna and Prost. Then, it is the season that will create the hierarchy.

The team director, Mattia Binotto, had already recently admitted that the Scuderia would not apply team orders between the two drivers during the Grand Prix.

If Carlos Sainz conquered within the team by achieving a more prolific season than that of his teammate in terms of points. We can think that Charles Leclerc was unlucky at times when he was claiming victory (qualification at Monaco, reliability problem at Silverstone).

In short

Ivan Capelli is worried about the lack of results at Charles Leclerc last season. For the former driver of the 90s, the Monegasque failed to take the leading role that was due to him against Carlos Sainz then new to the team.

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