The new vehicles with the best resale value in 2022

The firm ALG, a division of JD Power specializing in the calculation of residual values, has just announced the winners of its 2022 awards in Canada for new vehicles.

As we know, the resale value is always an element to take into consideration when buying a vehicle, because it helps to determine the real cost. It is the depreciation that costs the most to an owner, remember.

In addition to looking at performance in the used market, ALG takes into account the current competitiveness of vehicles and the situation of their respective brands. Since there are differences between versions of the same model, an average is calculated from their proportion within the range.

As in 2021, Toyota has the best resale value in Canada among popular brands, with seven of its models being recognized by ALG. And again, it’s Lexus that dominates among the luxury brands. Three of its representatives won prizes.

Photo: Toyota

Here is the complete list of 2022 models that should retain the best residual value after four years according to ALG (three years in the case of luxury models):

For comparison, you can consult the list of vehicles with the best residual value in 2021 according to ALG.

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