The Balkany spouses soon in prison?

The future darkens a little more for the Balkany couple. Thursday, February 3, the Court of Appeal of Rouen confirmed the decision of the court of application of the sentences of Evreux, in the Eure, concerning the revocation of the placement under electronic bracelet of Patrick and Isabelle Balkany. The court rendered its decision last December, and in accordance with the requisitions of the general prosecutor’s office, the Rouen Court of Appeal confirmed this revocation. A judgment which opens the way to the imprisonment of the former mayor Les Républicains of Levallois-Perret, in the Hauts-de-Seine, and his wife. The couple had been convicted of “massive tax fraud”.

The decision of the Evreux court followed breaches in their Giverny mansion, where they had been under house arrest since March. Patrick Balkany’s lawyer, Me Romain Dieudonné, denounces in a press release a decision “worrying in law and in fact” because of his client’s state of health. Asked about BFMTV, Patrick Balkany castigated a “totally unfair decision” claiming that he was going to file a complaint “for endangering the lives of others”, while his wife was hospitalized, according to him, after having swallowed a large amount of medication.

“I just want to sleep, SLEEP”, wrote on Twitter Isabelle Balkany, saying to herself “exhausted by age, mine, hatred, others, anguish for the man of my life, the wound, incurable, of the ‘erasing’ of what I was able to do positive”. A hundred “incidents” having caused their bracelets to ring at the Cossy mill, their residence in Giverny (Eure) where they are under house arrest under electronic surveillance, have been recorded since March 2021.

Patrick Balkany at the Levallois-Perret market?

According to acquaintances of Patrick Balkany, the ex-mayor has been seen several times in recent weeks in Levallois-Perret, in particular at the market and at the city’s basketball club. The ex-baron of the French right, friend of Nicolas Sarkozy, and his wife will they sleep in prison from Thursday evening? “It all depends on whether the documents are sent immediately or not” by the general prosecutor’s office to the Evreux prosecutor’s office, which will have to implement the decision, explained a judicial source. The public prosecutor’s office can decide to wait for the time limit for appealing in cassation (5 days). A possible appeal would not allow the couple to escape prison. The general prosecutor’s office could publish a press release during the afternoon, according to a judicial source.

According to Médiapart, quoting Isabelle Balkany’s lawyer, the decision to dismiss the TAP follows “a hundred ringing incidents and a bit of casualness.” “They are not allowed to leave the house but when the dog comes out, they run after it, when the postman comes by, they go to the gate,” explained their lawyer Pierre-Olivier Sur to Mediapart. Patrick Balkany, 73, was previously imprisoned on September 13, 2019 after being sentenced for “massive tax fraud” to four years in prison.

A new review of the quantum of sentences scheduled for February 9

Isabelle Balkany, 74, was sentenced to three years without a warrant, the court taking into account her state of health, after a suicide attempt in early May 2019. But Patrick Balkany was released, very thin, on February 12, 2020 for reason of health, with a light judicial control, after five months spent between the Parisian prison of Health and the hospital. In April 2021, he will also be hospitalized for five days for pulmonary edema and heart failure. On March 4, 2020, the Paris Court of Appeal reduced his sentence for tax evasion to three years, without sending him back to bars because of his state of health. His wife is sentenced to the same sentence.

It is this first part of a vast procedure of tax evasion which results in their placement under electronic bracelet at the beginning of 2021. In parallel, the couple is condemned at the end of 2019 for having hidden 13 million euros in tax assets between 2007 and 2014. In this second part, their prison sentence without immediate incarceration, for aggravated money laundering, is increased on appeal on May 27, 2020. The Court of Cassation has since found them guilty but the Paris Court of Appeal must re-examine on May 9, 2014. February the quantum of penalties. The dismissal of this trial is however “probable”, according to a source familiar with the matter.