New car promotions: manufacturers’ offers in February 2022

For greater clarity, the discounts will be expressed, if possible, in gross value, but also in percentage. Because a discount of €3,000 does not have the same scope on a vehicle costing €15,000 or €45,000 at the base. Where feasible, we have also mentioned non-trade-in and trade-in discount percentage.

But we have excluded from the calculation the possible ecological bonus (paid by the State), also used by marketing experts to display lower prices. Thus we obtain in the end what is the effort actually made by the sole manufacturer to support the sales of its models. So who is the most stingy? The most generous? For each of them, Caradisiac gives its opinion.

We have also specified for each promotion, where possible, the date until which it is scheduled.

Finally, and to avoid certain misunderstandings, it is also useful to specify that even outside the official promotional campaigns of the manufacturers, it is quite possible to negotiate a discount face-to-face with the sales representative. He always has room for manoeuvre, sometimes not negligible. And offers subject to trade-in can also sometimes turn into gross discounts, don’t forget…

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