Messenger: you’ll think twice before taking a screenshot from now on

Followers of screenshots in private conversations, beware! It will now be more difficult for you to take these screenshots under the nose of your interlocutors on the Messenger application. The announcement was made on January 27 by Mark Zuckerberg, boss of Meta, on Facebook, and was spotted by Konbini especially. The new update of the messaging application introduces the sending of a notification to your interlocutor as soon as you take a screenshot of your conversation.

“New update for end-to-end encrypted Messenger conversations so you’ll receive a notification if someone takes a screenshot of an ephemeral message,” said Mark Zuckerberg. There is therefore a small subtlety in this novelty: it currently only concerns messages sent in ephemeral mode, i.e. those which disappear automatically once they have been read. The delay generally ranges from five seconds to twenty-four hours, specifies the media.

To activate the “ephemeral” feature, you simply have to swipe your open conversation upwards with your finger and wait for the screen to go dark. As the publication of the boss of Facebook shows, when a capture is made, a notification appears in the conversation.

According to the details of the site USA Today, this new feature has already come into force in the United States, and should be introduced in Europe in the coming weeks. It would have been put in place for security reasons but also to respond to the growing fears of some about their freedom of expression, indicates The Independent. The British daily also notes that this new feature should soon land on Instagram, owned by Meta.

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