Fuel at cost price in February 2022: after Leclerc, it is Intermarché that sticks to it!

Like the E. Leclerc stores, Intermarché has decided to repeat its fuel operation at cost price. Finally, to a lesser extent…

Gossips will say that the soaring fuel prices in France are a boon for the major retail chains. Indeed, their fuel operations at cost price are undoubtedly good for their image while the drivers who come to fill up at their service stations during these “promotions”, also probably pass, for some, by the box of the store , just to do their shopping. This is called the principle of reciprocity, where those who have received must give, feeling indebted.

One weekend, against 5

Nevertheless, in these times, earning a few euros on a full tank of fuel does not hurt. Thus, after Leclerc, which has confirmed in recent days to reconnect with its Fuel operation at cost price, it is the turn of its competitor Intermarché to stick to it again. Except that where Leclerc stores announce a dedicated operation every weekend from February 5 to March 6, the Mousquetaires stick to the next weekend (for the moment), in other words this Friday February 4 and Saturday February 5, 2022, during the opening and closing hours of participating French Intermarché stores on our territory, i.e. hundreds of service stations.

Published on 03/02/2022 Updated 03/02/2022


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