Fire radars: half the number of flashes in 10 years

The traffic lights would have recorded half as many offenses in ten years, as noted by our colleagues from

We know them well and above all, we greatly fear them. Who among you has never had your heart beat a little faster when passing a crossroads equipped with a fire radar ? Because if these only flash once the light has turned red, it is true that a little thoughtlessness or bad timing can sometimes cost you dearly. As a reminder, running a red light is indeed punishable by a fine of €135 reduced to €90, as well as a deduction of four points from your driving licence. It is therefore better to be particularly vigilant. Nevertheless, it would seem that the dissuasive effect of these radars no longer needs to be proven.

Fewer offenses

Indeed, our colleagues on the site looked into the matter, and noticed a particularly interesting detail: the number of flashes for burned-out red lights has been halved in just ten years. Arrived in 2009 on the roads, with a first device installed in Vésinet (78), the fire radars have multiplied, until reaching 700 cabins at present. However, the number of offenses is down sharply, from 745,736 notices of violation sent in 2011 to only 353,716 in 2020. A significant drop, which seems to show the effectiveness of this system.

However, the government does not want to stop there, since it is currently working on replacing traditional cabins with radar turrets. More versatile, these are able to report passing a red light, as well as speeding and other offenses such as not wearing a seat belt or using a telephone while driving.

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