Eric Zemmour refused by a Montreuil studio where a BFMTV program was to be shot

A complicated welcome for Éric Zemmour in his birthplace, Montreuil. In a week, the program “France in the eyes”, broadcast on BFMTV, invites the president of the Reconquest party. But the filming which was to take place in one of the Montreuil studios seems compromised. Indeed, the management of the room explained that they did not want to “give a commercial follow-up to this filming project”, reported The Parisian, this Wednesday, February 2. According to the explanations of the Chaudronneries de Montreuil, the former editorialist is too far removed from the opinions advocated by these studios.

“Our values ​​and our daily commitments are in total opposition to the words of the far-right polemicist,” added the leaders in their press release. But do not panic, BMFTV would have already found a plan B to shoot the show with Éric Zemmour in another place according to information from our colleagues. The Chaudronneries de Montreuil are not the only ones to take sides regarding the move of the presidential candidate to Seine-Saint-Denis. The mayor of the city, Patrice Bessac, also called on the inhabitants to mobilize.

The commitment of the mayor of Montreuil

Before the studios refused to welcome Éric Zemmour, the communist mayor had planned a rally on February 9 at 6:30 p.m. in front of the town hall, just before the recording of the famous show. The objective was to show the values ​​of Montreuil: “Let’s get together in a festive, warm and fraternal atmosphere, to show everyone what we are, what Montreuil is: the possibility of a united and happy France “, he had declared on the social networks.

These reactions against the arrival of the polemicist in Seine-Saint-Denis were quick to unleash the anger of MEP Gilbert Collard. On his Twitter account, the honorary president of the Reconquest party did not mince his words: “Montreuil does not belong to its communist mayor who wraps himself in the great principles”, he published this Wednesday, February 2 . This is not the first time that elected officials have opposed the arrival of Éric Zemmour in the department of 93. Stéphane Troussel, member of the Socialist Party, had already confronted the candidate during his first official meeting in Villepinte on December 5, as our colleagues remind us.