Car battery: the best models and equipment to buy

The central part of your vehicle, the battery is an element to be chosen with care. We have selected the best models on the market for you. To guide you, we explain what criteria to take into account.

How to choose ?

Dimensions : it is essential to know the dimensions of your battery. If the new battery is larger than the old one, it will be impossible to mount it. Generally the dimensions are indicated on the box. If not, just measure the length, width and height of it. Some vehicles have a little leeway, but the ideal is to respect the dimensions.

Powerful : The battery power is the starting power, it is measured in amperes. It depends on the current supplied at start-up to start the motor. This is a very important criterion, especially if your vehicle is old or if you live in a cold region. If you hesitate between two models, it is advisable to choose the most powerful model.

Capacity : This is the amount of electrical energy that the battery can provide during normal use, it is calculated in ampere-hours. The larger the capacity, the more powerful the battery power will be.

The voltage : It is important to find out beforehand because there are 2 voltage categories: 12V batteries or 24V models. For a car, it is most often necessary to choose 12V.

Technology : For some years, vehicles have been equipped with Start and Stop technology and there are special batteries. Indeed, Start and Stop batteries are specifically designed for vehicles equipped with this particularly energy-intensive technology.

The brand : We recommend 3 brands that have been the best for years: Varta, Bosch and Fulmen. They are recognized for their quality and their support in the event of a problem with a product. If you have a very recent car or one that is equipped with a certain number of electronic options, choose a high-end battery.

Our selection of the best batteries:

For perfect maintenance of your vehicle, we have selected the best products to optimize your car battery. You will find your happiness in this selection:

Varta Silver Dynamic D15 Batterie Voitures, 12 V 63Ah 610 Amps, €78 instead of €146.54

EXIDE Premium EA612 Car Battery 61Ah 600A, 64,57€

Battery car Bosch S4008 74A/h – 680A, €86.90 instead of €142.50

Battery car Bosch S4005 60A/h – 540A, €67.99 instead of €113.25

Battery car Bosch S4013 95A/h – 800A, €115.90 instead of €172.50

Fulmen FA1000 12V 100Ah 900A car battery, 113€

8A 12V/24V Smart Car and Motorcycle Battery Charger, 37,99€

BRPOM Battery Booster 3000A 26800mAh Portable Battery Jump Starter, 89,99€

Battery charger Smart and automatic Bosch C3 – 6V/12 V / 3.8 A, €43.59

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