A Panthera platform for future electric Jaguars

In 2025, Jaguar will become a 100% electric manufacturer. But ultimately, future models will be based on a new homemade platform, and no longer on that of a partner. Officially, the design dictated this choice.

Almost a year ago, we were preparing to welcome a brand new generation of 100% electric Jaguar XJ which was to be followed by a large J-Pace crossover. But at the last moment, when the XJ was almost finished, Thierry Bolloré, freshly arrived at the head of Jaguar Land Rover, decided to interrupt the entire project. This abrupt cancellation does not mean that Jaguar is giving up on electric. Quite the contrary, since the announcement of this cancellation is accompanied by a complete plan, “Reimagine”, which will see the brand seriously move upmarket, and above all go all-electric, by 2025.

Panthera, for Jaguar only

At the time, it was specified that Jaguar would use a partnership to develop its future range. Finally, there will not be, since Jaguar Land Rover has opted for a 100% in-house development. This platform will be called Panthera. Despite a still fragile financial health, JLR has therefore chosen to go alone on this project. Thierry Bolloré justifies this choice by the need to offer models with unique proportions for the Jaguar brand.

In the future, the feline intends to offer three models, including a coupe, and intends to position itself at the very top of the range. Bentley is thus often mentioned as a target. By 2025, the range should no longer experience any changes, and the production of current models will gradually cease.

Panthera will therefore be different from MLA and MEA. The first is just starting with the new Range Rover and will be a multi-energy platform: gasoline, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric. MEA will be a 100% electric platform, still for Land Rover, but for more compact models like the future Evoque or Discovery Sport.


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