Your car is dirtier than your toilet according to a British study

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A few days ago, researchers at Aston Bio-Science University in Birmingham, UK, published a study that will change your view of cars. Indeed, the latter was ordered by the site ScrapCarComparision to check the cleanliness of a vehicle in relation to the toilets.

Well the result is not pretty-pretty… Indeed, without really debating, the cars are much dirtier than the cabinets. Scientists have examined five different cars in detail and the same data comes out.

The trunk would be the dirtiest place in the car. Significant levels of faecal bacteria were found there… But that’s not all, they are also found on the passenger seat, the gear lever, the rear seats and finally, the dashboard.

The driver’s seat and the steering wheel have been spared. According to the researchers, the use of hydroalcoholic gel during the pandemic may be the cause.

A big cleaning

Logically, the older the vehicles, the dirtier they are. So it’s time to give your car a good wipe. Yes, sometimes not all dirt is visible to the naked eye.

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