VIDEO – His attempt to overtake fails, he gets a hell of a soap

The situation seemed ideal for overtaking. The driver of this Renault Espace had long seconds to overtake the truck in front of him but that was obviously not enough.

Indeed, after having found itself at the height of the heavyweight, the minivan will be unable to complete the maneuver.

Only then, after several seconds spent in the opposite lane to overtake, the motorist in question will find himself in a delicate situation. Yes, he will face a van that had absolutely no intention of letting him off the hook so easily.

The face-to-face has therefore become inevitable and this will offer us a rather amusing moment. Because yes, the driver of the utility did not hesitate to give a soap to the car in front of him, in the wrong direction, and to tell the truth, he was right.

A bad quarter of an hour

All this starts from a bad appreciation on the part of the driver of the minivan. The latter misjudged the power of his car and found himself stuck on a wrong-way lane. And inevitably, it did not please everyone.

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