The Abbé Pierre Foundation reviews Macron’s results on housing, the new toll prices… The eco flash of the day

The number of the day: 2%. This is the average increase in the price of motorway tolls since February 1. An increase difficult to swallow for motorists, already penalized by soaring fuel prices. And if Vinci Autoroutes has undertaken to freeze prices on 80% of journeys of less than 30 kilometers so as not to penalize those who take their car every day, holidaymakers or those who make long journeys do not have this gift . For a Paris-Lyon journey, the ticket increases by 70 cents, an increase which reaches 1.5 euros for a Paris-Nice or 1 euro for a Paris-Bordeaux. As a reminder, these changes take into account inflation in 2021, work undertaken by motorway companies on the network and finally the impact of the freezing of toll rates requested in 2015 by Ségolène Royal, then Minister of Ecology .

The rant of the day is pushed by the Abbé Pierre Foundation against Emmanuel Macron’s record on housing. On the occasion of the publication of its 27th annual report on the state of poor housing in France, the association draws up a vitriolic assessment of the five-year term. If it recognizes notable progress, such as the launch of the “Housing first” plan or the take-off of energy renovation, the Abbé Pierre Foundation denounces deeply unequal financial arbitrations and unprecedented cuts to the detriment of the most modest. Starting with the management of APL, a symbol of budgetary injustice, and the repeated attacks against HLM organizations, which have greatly reduced their financial capacities. More information on our website !

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And we end with the race for sponsorships for the presidential election. On Tuesday, the Constitutional Council delivered its first score. And the one who prances in the lead is Emmanuel Macron, while he has still not officially announced whether or not he is representing himself. The Head of State has so far collected 105 sponsorships out of the 500 required to be able to fully embark on the race for the Elysée. Then come, far behind him, the socialist Anne Hidalgo with 48 sponsorships, the Republican Valérie Pécresse with 34 signatures and the communist Fabien Roussel with 30 sponsorships. Eric Zemmour and Jean-Luc Mélenchon each have 14, and the ecologist Yannick Jadot has 11. As for Marine Le Pen, she has only won two elected officials so far.

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