VIDEO – She is clever on her motorcycle, inevitably it ends badly

From the first seconds of the video, we suspect that things will go wrong. Without real protections, apart from her helmet, this biker does not hesitate to blaze. Unfortunately for her, it would have been necessary to stay quieter…

By dint of showing off on her motorbike, the young woman will take more and more risks until she throws herself on the ground all by herself… All this, under the somewhat naive gaze of the cameraman who didn’t see anything coming. Unless he has planned everything but a video with a fall always gets more views…

Especially since, even if it didn’t happen at full speed, the slightest fall on the motorcycle can hurt. Even more when you are in mini shorts and therefore not equipped as it should be!

A trip gone wrong

It all felt like a little stroll between tourists in a foreign country. The motorcycles had probably been rented and now we will have to pay the deposit and add a small visit to the hospital to treat the sores…

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