Toll prices: what increase in 2022?

Like every February 1, the price of tolls is revised upwards. And in 2022, it could hurt the wallet very badly.

Every year, it’s the same tune. In fact, every February 1, the motorway companies are reviewing their rates upwards, under the contracts signed a few years earlier with the government. A date obviously always dreaded by motorists, especially since this year, the increase is very strong, and that they are added to the soaring price of fuel. An explosive cocktail for motorists therefore, while toll rates experience a big jump in 2022, with an average increase of 2%. This is very easily explained by the fact that companies can pass on up to 70% of inflation to price increases. Problem, it is particularly high at the moment due to the pandemic.

It will therefore be necessary to expect to spend even more to travel, enough to scare many motorists as the February holidays approach. Nevertheless, ASF (Autoroutes du Sud de la France), a company managed by Vinci, has decided to make a small gesture by announcing the freezing of prices for certain sections of less than 50 kilometers. A small gesture which obviously should not cost the company much, which increased its prices by 2.19% in 2022.

Discover the average increases on the different networks:

  • Alienor (A65) : + 3,13 %
  • APRR (A5, A6, A42, A71, A75): + 2.05%
  • AREA (A43, A48, A49) : + 2,06 %
  • ASF (A7, A10, A61, A62, A64, A89) : +2.19%
  • Cofiroute (A10, A11, A85) : + 1,90 %
  • Escota (A8, A50, A51): 2.05%
  • SANEF (A1, A4, A16, A26) : + 1,91 %
  • SAPN (A13, A14, A29) : + 2,12 %

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