This French international found himself in a very annoying situation

Jordan Veretout is currently experiencing the best moments of his career. Very successful at AS Roma, he even obtained a place in the France team. But when it comes to cars, that’s not it yet…

With the little truce facing the championships, players like Jordan Veretout could take some time for them. On the program, therefore, a ride in Italy in the mountainous villages with his companion.

However, if the lady is very comfortable on social networks and in particular TikTok, she is much less so as a co-pilot. Moreover, the young woman sent her husband into an unnamed quagmire at the wheel of a SUV Audi de location.

The Roman midfielder then found himself in a street that was far too narrow and the passage was not without damage…

@sabrina_veretoutPart 1♬ son original – FAMILYVERETOUT

Ouch the deposit

Yes, if a reverse gear would have been preferable from the start, the couple wanted to try their luck by seeing if the Audi could pass between these steep walls. However, the SUV quickly rubbed against the walls and that left its mark.

The young woman did not film the condition of the car after the incident, but we can easily assume that the rental company did not appreciate it too much. At any rate, the two main concerned preferred to laugh afterwards and it’s better that way.

@sabrina_veretout♬ son original – FAMILYVERETOUT
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