The Golf remains the queen of Europe!

The Golf finally managed to win. Thanks to a year-end sprint, the German sedan was able to narrowly defend its first place as the best-selling car in Europe.

For a long time the Golf did not seem to be able to defend his place of Europe’s best-selling car.

But ultimately the compact sedan from Wolfsburg once again had a short head start at the end of the year! According to Volkswagen, more of 205,000 vehicles were registered last year in Europe.

The Golf retains its narrow title

According to indications from VW, the brand has thus retained its number one position in Europe with its Golf8. « The Golf has become number one in 2021, not only in Germany, but also in Europe. And this despite known bottlenecks in semiconductor supply “said a spokesperson for the group to a German media.

Compared to the previous year, however, sales fell sharply: in 2020, 312 000 Golf had been delivered throughout Europe. In 2021, it was a good third less. The main reason is above all the lack of semiconductors, a shortage from which the Golf has particularly suffered. In Wolfsburg, for example, the assembly lines were regularly shut down, and the factory was not even operating at half capacity.

A very tight race!

The place on the podium has been contested all year. In January, the Toyota Yaris was in the lead. In April, it was the turn of the Peugeot 208, in July of the Dacia Sandero, in November the Renault Clio and in September even the Tesla Model 3! The Golf, Europe’s best-selling car for years, has only held fourth place at times in 2021. But thanks to a good end-of-year sprint, it finally regained the top spot.

The VW spokesman said demand for this model has not diminished. ” Demand for the Golf is still high, as shown by the order book of around 130,000 vehicles“. But delivery times are long due to production bottlenecks at the parent plant. Certain configurations are certainly deliverable at short notice, but for variants such as the GTE, the GTI or the GolfR, you have to wait up to six to eight months!

Delivery times are even longer for the brand’s new electric models: they are around nine months for theID.4 and even slightly longer for theID.3.

Source : Automobile Week

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