Tesla: the list of Supercharger terminals now open to all electric vehicles

Good news for owners of electric vehicles. Tesla Supercharger terminals are now accessible to all electric vehicles. At least almost all of them. Since Monday January 31, some of these stations, 16 in total, can accommodate any electric car that has a CCS socket, reports the specialized site Caradisiac. The network in France has more than 1,000 charging points in more than a hundred stations throughout the territory. The 16 Supercharger stations represent 230 charging points.

Without a subscription, you will have to pay 0.57 euro/kWh, or 34.2 euros for a full charge of 60 kWh, specifies the site. This rate drops to 0.40 euro/kWh for those with a monthly subscription of 12.99 euros. According to Automobile Magazine, for the subscription to be profitable, it would therefore be necessary to recharge 70 kWh per month.

And to be able to access the terminals, you must first have created an account on the manufacturer’s application, unlike Tesla drivers who benefit from “Plug & Charge”. It is she who will indicate to the motorist the location of the stations open to vehicles other than Tesla models. According to the details of specialized media, each Supercharger station includes an average of 14 terminals.

Stations also open to some Europeans

And French residents will not be the only ones to benefit from it: motorists from Belgium, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands will also be able to have access to these Supercharger stations. Tesla has also anticipated fears of possible traffic jams during periods of major departures. With Caradisiac, the company explained that the “extension of the program [mis en place au Pays-Bas, le 1er novembre dernier, ndlr] concerns only 16 stations that we have identified could continue to provide a satisfactory experience with this expanded access. We are now going to study the feedback, knowing that things have been going very well in the Netherlands since November 1”.

Here is the list of Supercharger stations open to all electric vehicles with CCS socket:

  • Angoulême: 8 V3 Superchargers (up to 250 kW of charging power)
  • Blois : 16 Superchargeurs V3
  • Buchelay: 8 V2 Superchargers (up to 150 kW of charging power)
  • Labouheyre : 8 Superchargeurs V3
  • Laxou : 28 Superchargeurs V3
  • Le Mans-Saint-Saturnin: 20 V3 Superchargers
  • The Herbaria: 8 V3 Superchargers
  • Lorient : 8 Superchargeurs V2
  • Montélimar : 16 Superchargeurs V2
  • Montluçon: 8 V3 superchargers
  • Perigueux: 8 V3 Superchargers
  • Rivesaltes : 20 Superchargeurs V3
  • Salaise-sur-Sanne: 20 V3 Superchargers
  • Valenciennes : 10 Superchargeurs V2
  • Vélizy: 16 V3 Superchargers
  • Vierzon : 28 Superchargeurs V3


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