Tesla opens its superchargers to everyone in France

After a first experiment in the Netherlands, Tesla officially opens its Superchargers to competition in France. 16 stations are concerned to begin with.

Last November, Tesla announced the gradual opening of its charging network to other electric vehicles. It started with a experimentation in the Netherlands, with the possibility of charging for non-Tesla electric vehicles. On January 31, 2022, two new countries are entering the list: France and Norway.

16 stations concerned in France to start

Until now, the charging network called Supercharger was reserved for vehicles of the brand only. This was the strength of the network, very reliable and distributed throughout Europe or the world. From now on, electric vehicles from other brands can come and plug in and take advantage of the installations in certain countries. This is the case in France therefore, with 16 stations concerned to start (list below), i.e. approximately 230 charging points. As a reminder, Tesla has more than 100 stations in France, with more than 1000 charging points. Indeed, the number of terminals varies according to the station.

The opening of Superchargers to other electric cars than Tesla models is currently experimental. This is why it does not apply to all stations. To connect, you must have a CCS Combo port, which has become almost the norm on the European market. This therefore excludes the Nissan Leaf, Peugeot iOn/Citroen C-Zero and Lexus models that use another port called CHAdeMO. The connection is made through the Tesla smartphone application, which requires the creation of an account with bank details. Then, just click on the dedicated tab “Load your non-Tesla model” and select the chosen terminal. Since Tesla terminals do not have a screen or a contactless terminal, it is not possible to pay by credit card or badge.

What price for recharging?

To charge a vehicle other than Tesla on one of the Superchargers, the average tariff is €0.57/kWh. A monthly subscription of €12.99 is offered for those who charge often and want to take advantage of the same rates as Tesla owners, around €0.40/kWh. Be careful, however, since the price may vary slightly from one station to another. Ditto for the charging power: most of the stations open to competition are part of the most recent generation (v3), and deliver up to 250 kW, but the stations of Buchelay, Lorient, Montélimar and Valenciennes are still l generation (v2) and only offer a maximum of 120 kW. Finally, as for the owners of the brand’s models, Tesla may apply ‘wrongful occupancy charges’ if vehicle is not promptly disconnected after charging is complete, of the order of 0.50 to 1 €/min.

List of the 16 Superchargers stations open to competition in France:

  • Angoulême
  • Blois
  • Buchelay
  • Labouheyre
  • Laxou (Nancy)
  • Le Mans Saint-Saturnin
  • Herbaria
  • Lorient
  • Montélimar
  • Montluçon
  • Perigueux
  • Rivesaltes
  • Salaise-sur-Sanne
  • Valenciennes
  • Velizy
  • Vierzon

Photo: Flower / Pixabay.

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