She cuts everyone off on the freeway and allows herself to be pissed off

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The author of the video filmed the whole scene using a dashcam (on-board camera). A way to prove that he is absolutely not wrong in this story because faced with such a motorist, it is better to be prepared.

Indeed, the latter will disembark from the lane reserved for carpooling and cut the road of the car in which we are embarked. A very cavalier maneuver in the midst of traffic slowdown which, fortunately, will not cause any damage. Yes, but that is certainly not thanks to her. No, the fact that there was no collision is mainly due to the good reflexes of the author of this video but also of the driver behind her in the carpool lane.

Only here, after being inserted anyhow, the hot girl will stop and get out of her car pissed off. We remind you that we are on the highway… Cheeky isn’t it? Yes, but that’s not all, she will even draw her phone to film the plate behind her, as if he were at fault…

We will have seen it all

Certainly, some motorists are not really afraid of anything. This is the case of this driver who, even doing anything on the road, allows herself to get angry with others and to accuse them wrongly, really anything.

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