Opportunity: beware of imported cars, which would be numerous!

In France, one second-hand vehicle out of four is imported according to a macro study by a used vehicle history specialist. It is therefore better to check the liabilities of the vehicle and, above all, the passages to the technical control for the mileage.

Used car, beware! We can never say it enough, but in a world where trade is increasingly free, hidden defects on questionable second-hand cars of unknown origin can be a real nightmare. To avoid this kind of disappointment, it is better to carry out a little investigation to find out more about the owner and the history of the vehicle. Some well-established specialists on the Internet offer you precisely to obtain reports on the liabilities of the coveted model, for a fee. The passages to the technical controls make it possible to know if there has been a modification of the mileage since the entry into service. This German specialty (but not only!) is more widespread than you think: between 5 and 12% of used vehicles on national markets have tampered meters, and between 30 and 50% for models sold from one country to another ! We repeat: mistrust, with imports.

One in four used cars imported into France?

Odopass, a site specializing in used car histories, unveils an interesting macro study of 100,000 cars registered in the database and all the information related to it. In France, the used vehicle fleet amounts to 21 million units: 24% of them would be imported! Unsurprisingly, the most “affected” regions are Hauts-de-France and Grand Est, with 33% and 37% of used cars imported respectively. The proximity to the Belgian, Luxembourg and German borders explain this. Conversely, the regions furthest from the borders (West and South-West) are the least affected.

The most imported brands

  • BMW (16 %)
  • Audi (13 %)
  • Volkswagen (13 %)
  • Peugeot (12 %)
  • Renault (12 %)
Published on 01/02/2022 Updated 01/02/2022


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